Breath, Live & Create an Infinite Musical Experiences


Miguel Serrat is an active Multi-Instrumentalist, Lyricist & Recording artist. His musical concoction is a mixture of Jazz, Rock Latin music. Miguel has developed an unequal independent music sound. He first began playing Latin Percussion and after listening to some of the greater player out there, became enamored with other instruments & genres looking for a greater repertoire of expressions. He first entered into the music scene anonymously helping new band by lending a hand in the studio and playing anywhere he could get hired. Miguel then began playing in a numbered of unnamed bands in private parties, weddings, church and with friends where he developed his particularly unique style of music and became a fully independent musician in the process.

Furthermore Miguel Serrat studied Architectural Technology, English Composition, Web/Graphic Design, Architectural/Stage Lighting and holds numerous certificates as well as licenses by various entities. Miguel has an unrivaled passion for the arts and have been involved in other aspect of that pursue besides music for many years in New York City and abroad. His art portfolio is as unorthodox & eclectic as his music itself. And if Allah the most merciful and compassionate permits, hopes to continue for many more years to come.

It was not long after learning music theory on the recorder during grades school, that Miguel discovered that he wanted to be a musician for the rest of his life. He quickly dumped the plastic flute and discovered the world of Latin percussion. Shortly after that while still in his teenage years, Miguel started gigging professionally and worked for various years as a hired musician. But, Miguel grew disenchanted with the limitations of percussion instruments and took up multiple other instrument such as the piano, guitar, mandolin, banjo, accordion, organ, and various other ethnic instruments. In his early twenty he join a university level music program where he study harmony and theory but dropped off college after a year in order to pursue private instruction which were more flexible in terms of time and allowed him to concentrate on other interest at the same time. Miguel studied with various well respected local musician and still consult his jazz mentor who first got him into the field of instrumental music and high caliber musicianship.

Currently, Miguel is deeply involved in various music projects through his company Miguel Serrat Music Productions. Miguel works as musician and producer creating music for independent films and commercials. He has toured in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean as a professional musician and has gained invaluable experience in all aspect of music performance and instrument set ups. Moreover, Miguel has been a music teacher during the last ten years where he has taught countless students the art of playing an instrument including some who have gone on to become professionals in their own right. Furthermore, Miguel is a frequent church goer where he plays at least once a week. Lastly, Miguel is constantly playing, Disc Jockeying, programming music for private functions where he has realized his life-long dream of creating infinite musical experiences to entertain people.

Music has been an intrinsic part of Miguel Serrat’s life and he looks forward to creating, collaborating and absorbing more of it. In the coming year Miguel will be recording and publishing new music in English and Spanish that will showcase his uniqueness, versatility and influences as a musician.

Miguel Serrat